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Product SKU A9L40600
Brand Schneider Electric
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The iPF surge arresters with “r” indication have remote transfer of the information: “surge arrester to be replaced”.

Acti 9 iPF & iPRD

Surge protection device

Acti 9 iPF K & iPRD Type 2 Surge Protection Devices protect the electrical equipment against indirect lightning strikes.
The use of Type 2 Surge Arresters is recommended in the case of non-critical power installations.
They are tested and rated according to the standardized current wave of 8/20 µs.

Withdrawable cartridges of Acti9 iPRD Surge arresters allow quick replacement of damaged devices.
It is possible to use multipolar or unipolar products for serial assembly.
The Acti9 iPRD surge arresters "r" version has dry contacts for transferring remotely the end-of-life information.

The Acti9 iPRD8 Type 3 is placed in a cascade near the loads to be protected.
They should be installed in the secondary panelboard, as soon as the distance from the incoming surge arrester is more than 10 meters, to ensure secondary protection.

With exclusive features, Acti 9 iPF & iPRD DIN rail type-2 Surge Protector Devices (SPDs) are definitely geared to absolute safety and improved continuity of service.

  • Class-2 insulation: continuous safety for operators and unqualified personnel.
  • VISI-TRIP: detects faulty type-2 Surge Protector Devices (SPDs) outgoers quickly and reduces intervention time.
  • Maximum discharge current: 8 to 65 kA.
  • Surge Protector Device (SPD)/disconnector combinations certified for short-circuit current withstand, Isc, up to 50 kA (IEC 61643-11+ A11, version 2007).
  • Maximum continuous operating voltage, Uc = 340, 460 V.
  • Suitable for any earthing system: TT, TN-S, TN-C, and IT. 
  • Fixed or pluggable Surge Protector Device (SPD).
  • Multiple-pole or single-pole products for assembly.




Range of product IPRD
Range Acti 9
Product name Acti 9 iPRD
Device application Distribution
Product or component type Surge arrester with pluggable cartridge
Device short name IPRD40
Poles description 3P + N
Remote signaling Without
Surge arrester type Electrical distribution network
Earthing system TN-S


Surge arrester class type Type 2
Surge arrester technology MOV + GDT
Short-circuit current 50 kA
Short-circuit withstand 50 kA
Local signaling Flag color: white/red
Mounting mode Clip-on
Mounting support DIN rail
9 mm pitches 8
Height 85 mm
Width 72 mm
Depth 69 mm
Product weight 0.414 kg
Colour White ( RAL 9003 )
Response time <= 25 ns
Residual current 0.003 mA
0.6 mA
Connections - terminals Tunnel type terminal downside 2.5...35 mm²
Tunnel type terminal upside 2.5...35 mm²
Tightening torque 2.5 N.m
Compatibility code IPRD40