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EATON MEM Residual Current Circuit Breaker 40A 2P 100mA
Price RM78.10
Product SKU PFIM-40/2/01-MY
Brand MEM
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MEM'S Residual Current Devices PFIM


  • Residual current devices
  • Shape compatible with and suitable for standard busbar connection toother devices.
  • Twin-purpose terminal (lift/open-mouthed) above and below.
  • Busbar positioning optionally above or below.
  • Free terminal space despite installed busbar.
  • Auxiliary switch Z-HK can be mounted subsequently.
  • Contact position indicator red - green.
  • The device functions irrespective of the position of installation.
  • Tripping is line voltage-independent. Consequently, the RCD is suitable for“fault current/residual current protection” and “additional protection” with-in the the meaning of the applicable installation rules.
  • Mains connection at either side.
  • The 4-pole device can also be used for 2- or 3-pole connection. See connec-tion possibilities.
  • The test key “T” must be pressed every 6 month. The system operator mustbe informed of this obligation and his responsibility in a way that can beproven (self-adhesive RCD-label enclosed). The test intervall of 6 month isvalid for residential and similar applica-tions. Under all other conditions(e.g. damply or dusty environ-ments), it’s recommended to test in shorterintervalls (e.g. monthly).
  • Pressing the test key “T” serves the only purpose of function testing theresidual current device (RCD). This test does not make


earthing resistancemeasurement (RE), or proper checking of the earth conductor conditionredundant, which must be performed separately.



Design according to IEC/EN 61008
Current test marks as printed onto the device
Tripping instantaneous
Rated voltage Un 230/400 V, 50 Hz
Rated tripping current I  n 100 mA
Sensitivity AC
Rated insulation voltage U i 440 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage U imp 4 kV
Rated short circuit strength I nc 10 kA
Maximum back-up fuse Short circuit Overload
I n = 16 A 63 A gG/gL 10 A gG/gL
I n = 25A 63 A gG/gL 16 A gG/gL
I n = 40A 63 A gG/gL 25 A gG/gL
I n = 63A 63 A gG/gL 40 A gG/gL
In the case that the maximal possible operating current of the elect-rical installation don´t exceed the rated current of the RCD only short circuit protection must be implemented.
Overload protection must be implemented in the case if the maxi-mal possible operating current of the electrical installation can exceed the rated current of the RCD.
Rated breaking capacity I m  or
Rated fault breaking capacity I m
I n = 16-40A 500A
I n = 63A 630A
I n = 80A 800A
In = 100A
Voltage range of test button
2-pole 196 - 264 V~
4-pole 30 mA 196 - 264 V~
4-pole 100, 300 mA 196 - 456 V~
electrical comp. ≥4,000 switching operations
mechanical comp. ≥20,000 switching operations
Frame size 45 mm
Device height 80 mm
Device width 35 mm (2MU),
  70 mm (4MU)
Mounting quick fastening with
  2 lock-in positions on
  DIN rail IEC/EN 60715
Degree of protection, built-in IP40
Deg. of prot. in moisture-proof encl. IP54
Upper and lower terminals open mouthed/lift terminals
Terminal protection finger and hand touch safe,
  BGV A3, ÖVE-EN 6
Terminal capacity 1.5 - 35 mm 2  single wire
  2 x 16 mm 2  multi wire
Busbar thickness 0.8 - 2 mm
Tripping temperature -25°C to +40°C
Storage- and transport temperature -35°C to +60°C
Resistance to climatic conditions 25-55°C/90-95% relative
  humidity acc. to IEC 60068-2