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Compact Multimeter True RMS for electrical maintenance. The Fluke 114 Multimeter is a maintenance tool capable of testing "pass / fail". It also has a function that prevents false readings caused by "ghost voltage".


Compact Multimeter True RMS for maintenance technicians. The Fluke 115 Multimeter is ideal for a variety of applications in electrical and electronic measurement solutions.


The Fluke 116 was specifically designed for the HVAC professional. It has everything needed in an HVAC meter including temperature and microamp measurements to quickly troubleshoot problems with HVAC equipment and flame sensors.


With its integrated non-contact voltage detection and the AutoV/LoZ function preventing false readings caused by ghost voltage, the Fluke 117 Electrician's Multimeter is the ideal multimeter for electricians. In fact, users around the world have said their 117 is an investment in accuracy. The Fluke 117 provides Min/Max/Average readings, measuring frequency and capacitance. With its easy-to-use design, the Fluke 117 will save you time, allowing you to move from job to job with ease.


The Fluke Insulation Multimeters combine a digital insulation tester with a full-featured, true RMS digital multimeter in a single, compact, handheld unit, which provides maximum versatility for both troubleshooting and preventative maintenance.


The Fluke Digital Multimeters have the features needed to repair most electrical and electronic problems. They are simple to use and have significant improvements over Fluke's original 70 Series including, True-RMS, more measurement functions, conformance to the latest safety standards, and a much larger display that's easier to view.


Maximum measurement function for ease of reading peak currents over a period of time


Designed for use on low voltage circuits, the Kyoritsu 2010 AC/DC Digital Clamp Meter is small in size and easy to transport.


Releasing the test button on the Kyoritsu 3007A Digital Insulation/ Continuity Tester automatically discharges the charges stored in the circuit under test.


Could provide the accurate test results even in noisy testing environment