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  • 2-part resin joint kit in twin chamber bag ready for mixing
  • Two-part translucent mold body with a cap to prevent contamination

Bosch tools – Demolition Hammer with SDS-Hex GSH 500 Gen II


Provides a 10:1 Distance to spot ratio

Offers single laser targeting for accurate and repeatable measurements

Features IP54 rating against dust and moisture


Nikko Jr (model: K12UX) is best to be installed at small and low ceiling room. It comes in LED light with 3 levels of bright control, 9 speed, OFF and ON timer.


Let's add a touch of the future to your home with Sensa 4.

Equipped with temperature sensors, this innovative fan automatically regulates the fan speed for maximum comfort for your loved ones.


Being a design that can be arranged and rearranged time and time again to the exact spatial and aesthetic needs, the Nikko Fan, a minimal modern perspective to traditional fans.


Experience a natural breeze in the comfort of your home with a V-touch with Yuragi mode intelligently alternates between slow and fast speed to mimic the natural rhythm of the wind.