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Can automatically adjust, easy to operate, easy to install, safe, reliable, maintenance-free, non-toxic and environmentally friendly.


Energy-saving • Lamp reducing their energy consumption

Create a warm atmosphere • A simple LED for everyday use

Light beyond illumination • Instant on


Up to 90% energy saving compared with traditional halogen lamps
Lower maintenance costs
Low initial investment


Model:                 V-UML

Type:                   Cable Lockout

Name:                 Premier Multipurpose Cable Lockout


Zencelo is a perfect solution for any environment, from the residential market to commercial buildings such as hotels, hospitals, offices..


The Vivace switches and sockets are designed for a wide range of applications in various industries, such as Residential, Commercial, and Hotels. Can be used for flush-mounted or surface-mounted installations.


Improved storage and transportation solution within the Bosch Mobility System

  • Easy opening of stacked boxes and improved L-BOXX click-mechanism for a convenient handling
  • Full flexibility due to compatibility to all L-BOXX versions and tool inlays as well as the sortimo in-vehicle system
  • Robust design thanks to the reliable L-BOXX material and improved closing latches

Regular Alarms

Fire Alarms

Equipment For General Alarm Signals

  • The actual product color may deviate from the photo due to light.
  • There may be a slight deviation in the measurement of the product.

High and low voltage insulating, self-fusing rubber tape. With easy to remove the liner.